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Abstract: Crime scene investigation is a very important part of any investigation. It is the meeting point of science, logic and law. Crime scene investigation is a long, tedious process that involves useful documentation, photography or videography of the situation or condition on the scene and position of the evidence. The collection of any physical evidence that would possibly remove the darkness and illuminate what had happened and point to how and who did it. There may be no typical crime scene, there’s no common frame of evidence and there is no typical investigative approach. Every crime scene investigation (CSI) unit handles the division between field work and lab work differently. A1l crime scene investigators are not forensic scientists. Some crime scene investigators work in the field only they collect the evidence and pass it to the forensic science laboratory for further examination and report. The major focus of this review is to propose practical approaches and guidelines to help forensic, and law enforcement professionals to deal with crime scene evidence to avoid contamination, degradation, and loss of the value of the evidence. 

Keywords: Crime scene investigation, Physical evidence, Forensic science

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